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Thread: APML (a.k.a APL) info

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    Hi Kitty Murphy,

    From looking through a few studies about ATRA, they commonly report the incidence of nausea and headaches in ATRA users. Most of the headaches that were reported were mild, but there were a couple of cases where the headaches were not as well tolerated, so they were discontinued from the treatment. Is your husband still taking ATRA? Has your doctor suggested an alternative treatment?

    I found a study that might be a helpful resource to you and your husband. The study is about the effectiveness of ATRA and an intensive chemotherapy regimen for people with APL, which sounds like a similar treatment your husband received.

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    Hi kiwi24 I'm for the uk, newcastle, I am currently starting my second year of maintenance chemo for APML. I have been absolutely fine on these during the first year, I have felt tired or sick with these. Although when I was first diagnosed and had my first dose of ATRA I did get ATRA SYNDROME which effects the heart but have had no problems since. I go every four weeks for bloods and check up. Hope everything goes well for you.

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    my husband was diagnosed on 3-22-12...spent almost a month in the hospital....now in remission....but is still on ATRA for about the next 6-8 months.....
    he is having SEVERE pain in all of his body....has a hard time sleeping...can hardly get out of bed (but he does) and go to work....has anyone else had this side effect from the drug or should we consider something else?

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    Yes to the pain, sleep and bed thing, and I know this post is 5 years old and I wonder if its still active at all.??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deltat210 View Post
    Yes to the pain, sleep and bed thing, and I know this post is 5 years old and I wonder if its still active at all.??
    Actually closing in on 10 years old. Please consider starting your own thread! Closing this thread, as the participants have not been heard from in some time.


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