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Thread: How good are MRI's in finding cancer in throat/neck?

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    How good are MRI's in finding cancer in throat/neck?

    I have the following symptoms: swelling on both sides of the neck (swelling started on left side 4 weeks ago), decrease in saliva, lack of appetite, warm/burning sensation under chin. CBC normal, CT scan of neck normal, MRI of neck normal. No cold or fever. Antibiotics did not help. The doctors keep reassuring me everything is ok since no tests find anything, but, looking at info on the internet, the symptoms look like cancer.

    Does this sound like cancer?
    If so, are CT scans and MRI's not very accurate in identifying tumors or in identifying lymph nodes which have been invaded by cancer?

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    hiker311, I am very sorry about your health concerns. Yes, some of your symptoms do sound like cancer. However, these could also be caused by many other things. I know that because ALL tests have shown nothing and that the antibiotics did not help you just increases your worries. My only advice to you is to continue to work with your own medical team to find the cause or causes of your symptoms.

    Keep us informed.
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