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Thread: Just asking

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    Just asking

    Well.. Few months ago I had lymph node enlargement.. It wasn't really a great deal to me back then.. Then, about few weeks later, it still had not gone down and I had no disease, viral infection and so on that time so I got abit worried and went to see the doctor. The first doctor said it was nothing and gave me tablets for swelling. It worked abit but it does not go down completely.

    So I went to see the next doctor. He said I got throat infection ( I did not have any symptoms of it ) and gave me anti-biotic and tablet for swelling. It worked abit but til now, the lymph node is still there. ( I must say its quite large to feel but the people around me don't see it ) And recently i felt more lymph node around the neck area ( they are quite small )

    I just wanna know, what could be the possible cause of it? All my doctor said it was nothing too serious and I trust them but I just want a good answer to ease my mind =)

    Thanks =)
    Just passing by =]]

    I want to help and comfort people =]]

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    And btw, the lymph node is at the left side of the neck, beside my adam's apple.. thanks =]]
    Just passing by =]]

    I want to help and comfort people =]]

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    Re: Just asking

    Hello there
    Welcome to the forum. I hope we can help answer some of your questions?
    I recommend you go back to the Dr for a review. Have these ongoing symptoms checked out just to be sure. The viral infection may still be lurking (even though you didn't have symptoms) & you may need another course of antibiotics to clear this problem for good.
    Cheers, Angie.
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    I recently had a series of headache, sore throat and coughing but all is well now =]]

    Now.. I am only left with coughing.. But the node is still there.. yes its quite small now but its really disturbing me.. As I can rarely pass one day wihout having to feel it..

    And thanks for you advice ^^ I'll be sure to visit my doctor again soon ^^
    Just passing by =]]

    I want to help and comfort people =]]

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    As i said, a few months ago i had these node enlargement.

    Now, even after like 4-5 months, its still there...
    I really dunno why.. But its like staying there.. not healing...

    I asked my last doctor and he said sometimes after an infection the node would continue staying there.. Just feeling strange..

    It shouldn't have any reason to swell up again.. But its still there..
    So just wondering.. what should my next step be?

    Thanks for all the replies =]
    Just passing by =]]

    I want to help and comfort people =]]


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