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Thread: Caregiver in Finacial Distress

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    Caregiver in Finacial Distress

    My mom has Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer with Liver mets. I filed FMLA at work to help her out. The problem is.... FMLA doesn't mean you get paid. They just allow you so much time off of work. I take mom to every appt., and wouldn't have it any other way, but my bills are paying for it!! I'm hardly able to pay my rent and car payment. My husband works too, but it is so hard to make it!! Not sure how long I can keep holding the bill collectors off.

    Is there any financial assistance for caregivers out there somewhere?

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    Something I was told to check out, since my Dad was a Veteran, is something they call "Aid and attendance care" through VA.

    My dad has been deceased for 20 years. But Mom is his surviving spouse.

    I called and left messages 2 different times Friday, and didn't hear anything back. So I haven't actually learned a thing about it yet.

    With Mom in the medicare donut hole, I'm grasping at anything to help her pay for the 15 medications she takes.
    In 08/08, they told my 95 year old Mom she had 2.1cm lump in her lung. After cat and pet scan, one doc said its spread to the lymph nodes around her aorta. First biopsy, doc said it was cancer, pathologist said not enough tissue. Second biopsy it showed negative for cancer!


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