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Thread: Severe stomach bloating and blood loss

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    Severe stomach bloating and blood loss

    I am new here and need some information. My dad was recently diagnosed with Liver cancer- also cirrosis. They can not do surgery and planned to do chemoembolization next week. However, last week he had severe stomach pain (couldn't even get up) and severe bloating of the stomach and went to the Dr who said he needed a blood transfusion.

    He went to the hospital and was given 4 pints of blood and a large amount of platlets and plasma. They were not bringing up his blood levels so they went in with interventional radiology? and found the tumor shifted onto an artery and burst the artery.

    He is now home but having a tough time bouncing back. They have now pushed the chemoembolization back for 1 month and he can't really get around to well. The stomach is still very bloated so he is not eating much and is very tired.

    Sine this is all so new (diagnosed 1 month ago) I am not sure what is going on?

    I was wondering if anyone had any of these symptoms and what I can expect?


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    I do not have a lot of experience, however in my case my dad suffered from severe blood loss too, in his particular case it was the tumor feeding from it. I learned something from my dad's experience which is that tireness and not eatting a lot came at really last stages. Of course in your particular case it could be related to his particular situation. What has the doctor given him in terms of treatment?
    Dad ~ Passed away from Multiorgan failure due to secondary liver cancer on July 2008


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    Thanks for your reply. He will have his blood levels tested again tomorrow but of course he is having different issues now as well. He has high sugar and takes meds for it but now that he is not eating much he sugar levels are very low. So they have taken him off his meds for awhile-maybe that will bring up his energy-It is killing him to be basically bedridden-he has always been on the go!

    The fluid is still alot in his stomach and apparently it cannot be drained as alot of it is blood and they say it will take time as the body needs to reabsorb it???

    Not sure if they are going to be able to start any treatments if his blood levels do not rebound-I am hoping they do. Looking for some good results tomorrow.

    This is a very difficult thing for me as I am a control freak and can not take not being able to fix this!!! I wish there was something I could do!

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    Hi. Please post an update if possible. I have a friend with similar problems.


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