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Thread: 4 weeks since Prostate removal

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    4 weeks since Prostate removal

    I'm 50, had good sex and length before Robotic Surgery.
    Had terrible intenstinal gas that was murdous for 24 hours after returning home. Too much narcotics, they said.
    I am 90% continent, 0% erection, masterbation results in great orgasim, but short lived. That's ok i suppose.
    I have noticed a marked change in penis length compared to pre-surgery. soft length of course. I read that length can be shortened because the prostate served as a back wall, now removed allows penis to slip back into the body cavity about 3/4" at least while soft. Anyone have this situation?
    50 yrs old - PSA 2.7, Gleason 3+3=6
    2 of 12 cores tested positive for cancer
    Prostatectomy August 26, 2008

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    My urologist/surgeon recommend I start taking Cialis or Viagra the night before my surgery, and Cialis 20mg every other day, or Viagra 100mg every day, for at least 3 months afterward to increase blood flow to the penis and surgical site. He said they suspect the penis reduction occurs due to damage to the penal tissues due to loss of blood flow to the penis after the surgery. I don't know if you can reverse any size reduction after the fact, but you might wan to try taking one of these medications immediately. A friend didn't take these medications as recommended and he has complained of penis reduction since his surgery 17 months ago. I took Cialis as recommended and haven't had any reduction. Thank god. I couldn't afford to lose any.

    I read that it is suspected that the night time erections men have is natures way of getting ample blood flow to the penis to keep the tissues working properly.

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    Viagra 100mg every day, for at least 3 months afterward to increase blood flow to the penis and surgical site.

    Good advice, but be aware that some men find these larger amonts of Viagra difficult to tolerate :

    Start off with 25 size or cut the larger ones into a safer amount.

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    Healthy males of all ages have several nocturnal erections (NE) every night. They are necessary to maintain oxygen levels to support healthy penile tissue. A lack of oxygen can be caused by either lack of erection (little blood to the penis) or by prolonged erection of 4 hrs or more (stagnant blood trapped in the penis). Older males, diabetics, and prostatectomy patients are just a few of the groups affected by reduced erections.

    The goal of regular ED drugs in small, regular dose is to promote blood flow. That flow is most likely to occur at night and while it may not result in erection, it may be enough to oxygenate the tissue. The actual mechanics or success of ED drugs used in this way is a bit theorized and not conclusive. More research and study is needed.

    What seems more certain is that a lack of oxygen to the penile tissue results in collagen fibrosis that destroys the elasticity of penile tissue.

    The Vacuum Erection Device (VED) is another excellent way to draw blood exchange into the penis. It should be used conservatively to draw blood in and not to attempt to aggressively over gorge and stretch the penis.

    Trazadone, and L-arginine, are also useful for blood flow but L-arginine may be counter indicated to use within 12 hours of ED drugs.

    Please don't let your eyes glaze over from this technical information. Every man that has compromised erections must be on guard to promote penile health of the situation can snowball.

    Below is a short technical excerpt. I have lost the link.

    The smooth muscles in the penis produce TGF-B1, a component of the immune system, and one of its roles is to produce collagen. Collagen contributes not only to structural tissue in the body, but is also the material that comprises scar tissue. Prostaglandin E1, among its other functions, opens blood vessels and suppresses collagen production. There is some evidence that when oxygen levels become too low, TGF-B1 production increases and prostaglandin production decreases. If oxygen levels become too low, smooth muscles atrophy and collagen is overproduced, causing scarring and loss of elasticity and reduced blood flow to the penis. Infrequent erections deprive the penis of oxygen-rich blood. Without daily erections, collagen production increases and eventually may form a tough tissue that interferes with blood flow in the penis.
    Author: Steven A. Scott, Pharm.D.
    Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy
    School of Pharmacy and Pharmacal Sciences
    Purdue University
    History: Biopsy showing 4+4 Gleason 8. Lap RP Apr 2004, age 52 All neg margins, nodes, and structures. (T2a). Post RP PSA: <.1 until Feb, 08 (46 mos) PSA .1 - I then got sensitive tests beginning 2008: Feb .06, May .09, Jun .10, Aug .10, Nov .15 - SRT Dec 2008 ---Post SRT PSA 2009 Feb .10, May .09, Aug .06, Dec .04, 2010 Mar .04, 2011 .02, 2012 .02, ---- STARTED UP Feb 2014 .06, Jul 2015 .10, Oct 2015 .10, Feb 2015 .15, Jun 2015 .17, Dec 2015 .25

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    Yes, my husband noticed this after surgery, and of course does not like it that it has shunk. Says it is hard to get a hold of to go to the bathroom now. He does not tolerate any of the drugsvery well, they either upset his stomach or give him terrible headaches.


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