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Thread: Poem to Momma

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    Poem to Momma

    Momma you were always there for me,
    even when I was young, my eyes couldn't see,
    you took me by your hand and guided my way
    you sat and kissed me and showed me how to play.

    When I was four, I made a boo boo in my underwear,
    You walked 5 miles to school, to get me to get me a new bear,
    When I was five, I fell and hurt my elbow,
    You came running, with the yummy friend dough,

    When I was six, I was in elementary school,
    Other kids picked on me, you told me I'm no fool,
    When I was seven, I was in 1st grade
    so when I wake up every morning my bed was made

    When I was eight, I gained some excess weight,
    You told me I was cute, to be a teacher's bait,
    When I was nine, I was scared and wanted you with me,
    You told me you were with me, although I tried to plea

    When I was ten, I thought I had a new friend,
    he ended up hitting me, a menacing boy named Ben,
    When I was eleven, You took me and I tried to play baseball,
    I just swung and missed, you told me to head high dont fall

    When I was twelve, I was sad and confused, you got ill,
    My heart was aching, I knew you had more will
    When I was thirteen, I was getting ambitious,
    sometimes momma, I could be vicious

    When I was fourteen, I had this little crush,
    Momma you told me be careful, told me not to rush,
    When I was fifteen, I got in trouble with weed
    I told you mom, you were mad, but you told me there was no need

    Ehen I was sixteen, I finally drove a car,
    You sat next to me, eyes covered, didn't want to go far
    When I was seventeen, I graduated high school barely,
    I disappointed father, but you comfort me fairly

    When I was eighteen, I left your home,
    I went from house to house, trying to roam,
    When I was nineteen, I went away to school,
    I promised the world, I wouldn't be a fool.

    When I was twenty, I thought I was King,
    You were one the phone momma every night, I was trying to her you sing.
    When I was twenty one, I drank my life away,
    You came to me in my dreams, told me no more from this day.

    When I was twenty two, I started to reshape my life,
    You didn't know mom, but I had thoughts to end it with a knife,
    When I was twenty three, I decided it was time for a change,
    I had ambitious goals I accomplished in a small range.

    When I was twenty four, you got sick again Ma and was in pain,
    I was 900 miles away, my heart was dying, my mind was insane
    Now I'm twenty five, I love you so much Ma,
    I wouldn't be who I am, without you Momma this far.

    Because of you Momma, I am who I am today.
    when I think of you, You take my frown away.
    God, Please relieve her sorrow and pain,
    I can't imagine her without the smile which will drive me insane.

    I love you Momma, you are my best friend.
    I will sacrifice my life for you, until the end.

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    wow it's so inspirational... Now i want to share mine.. please read it... Click my signature below...


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