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Thread: cyst on liver

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    cyst on liver

    my brother has a cyst on the liver that is 16 mm. markers show cancer. removed 4 quarts of fluid from abdominal cavity. who is bestteam for removal. also has bleeding polyp in stomack but on coumadin and can't remove surgically.

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    Hi - I am so sorry about your brother's situation. Do you have particular questions to ask or problems to resolve?

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    can you recommend a good team to do the surgery on the cyst on his liver. can be anywhere in the usa. need the name of top liver oncologist and surgeon

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    I can-Dr Geller (UPMC group) pgh Pa. altho every individual is different he surely was wonderfull for my mom.
    and his staff and personality is very caring and compassionate. You ought to at least look into it-he even has a site on the net look it up. luck to you and yours . hope this help.


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