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Thread: How do I and A Link To My Signature Block?

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    How do you add a hyperlink

    I am new. On my signature I want to add a link to my blog about my husband's pancreatic cancer and all we hve been through. How do I do that?
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    Go to you Profile Page by clicking on the Profile Button at the top of any page. It is on the same ling as the Log in or Log out button.

    School down to the signature block add the url starting with http://....

    Note the following:
    <ul>[*]No links other than truly personal, cancer related blogs or websites until you have been a member for at least 1 month and posted at least 10 significant messages... preferably at least one about your reason for being on this site.[*]No ads[*]No links to sites that might offend, porn, etc.[*]The URL must not have anything before it or after it except a space (space is not needed if you are only post a URL without any other test on that line.)[/list]

    You might what to check our FAQ page for most questions. Out FAQ sadly does not have the answer to this question.
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    In order to get a link to your page just use the link button provided above. I recommend that you type in your reply or message and then under your response leave your name and a link back to your site. I hope this helps you.

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