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Thread: bump on scalp

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    bump on scalp


    I am 23 years old and from PA. I recently had a lesion removed that my doctor was concerned about, turned out to be nothing. But this even freaked me out, so I've been on a body-checking tear recently. Anyway, I found something on the top left part of my scalp that worries me. It is sort of firm, pink-flesh colored (i've been rubbing it and messing with it alot so I am sure alot of the pink comes from irritation), and is a tad bit smaller than a nickle. It's painless. Anyway, I'm in the middle of law school exams so its been a very anxious period for me to begin with. My father, who is a physician, thinks it is a cyst. I have a dermatologist appointment on Dec. 22nd, but I figured I'd ask if any of you could weigh in. Does melanoma present as a pink/flesh colored painless bump? Thanks for your help!

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    minava01, I am sorry about your current health concerns. I am also sorry that no one has replied to you yet. I know how hard it is to wait for tests and appointments. Let us know what you find out.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.
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    Minava01, I'm sorry you're going through such a stressful period, but I applaud the fact that you are being aggressive in seeking a derm exam and for NOT taking any chances...... to answer your question, yes, mel can present as pinkish/skin colored lesion -- it is a sneaky ba$tard and can present without any color (amelanotic).... My melanoma tumor did not fit the classic ABCDs ..... The really key factor is "Change" ... if you notice that something on your skin is changing and it hasn't become "normal" in a week or two, then see a derm -- particularly if you have had alot of sun exposure, SO YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT AND SMART THING


    If I were a betting man, I would put my money on this NOT being melanoma.... Melanoma is still a pretty rare disease and there are myriad other things that this lesion could be which have nothing to do with a malignancy..... When I was a young Lieutenant in the Army in charge of 18 tactical nuclear weapons, I broke out with gum ulcers while preparing for a sleuth of Inspector General inspections on nuke security (which was a truly zero defects, get it right or your career is over type proposition).....BACK in the day (80s) -- all due to stress..... and as a law student going through finals, you are no doubt under a high level of stress....and, as you discerned, this lesion is likely irritated from your picking at it...

    I would bet that this is likely either an ingrown hair, follicularitis (sp) or possibly stress induced dermatitis, or even a zit..... Even after your derm appointment, if it is still there in two weeks after taking antibiotics or anti-bacterial cream, then I would seek a biopsy.... Unfortunately, mel on the scalp and on the feet are often misdiagnosed as other less threatening conditions due to the numerous other skin conditions which afflict both our scalp and feet.... always better to error on the side of safety....But again, chances are that this is nothing, but it is NOT a chance worth taking at any stage in life, particularly for one who is only 23 ....

    Best of luck, and Prayers and Blessings,

    HaoleBoy (Bob)

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    dr's appt.

    hi guys,

    had my dermatologist appointment today. checked out my head, and several other spots i was unsure about, and said they were nothing to worry about at all. feel alot better. thank you so much for the advice/kind words.


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