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Thread: Stage 2B Uterine Cancer- now what?

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    Stage 2B Uterine Cancer- now what?

    I was diagnosed in Nov., had a radical hysterectomy in Dec, and now will begin radiation treatments next week. Mine was stage 2B. What can I expect from the radiation. I will have 25 days and at the end of that, they want to put me in for 24 hrs. to do an internal therapy at the top of the vagina.

    I read so much, know it effect everyone differently, but really would like to hear from those who have actually gone through a treatment similiar to mine.


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    Hi Jackie, I am very sorry about your Uterine Cancer.

    Since I am a man my cancer story would not connect with yours... other than that I know what it is like to have a doctor say: "You have cancer." I do know that other women will reply. I just wanted to let you know that I will be thinking about and praying for you.
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    Hi Jackie:

    I was diagnosed with Stage III-C Uterine Cancer after a total radical hysterectomy, and went through 31 rounds of radiation, and had the internal radiation implant (brachytherapy) about short of a month after my last round. The radiation rounds were difficult in the beginning, because you will likely experience some nausea--particularly hard the first two weeks. Radiaiton produced NO pain for me, just nausea. I could eat very little--it seems everyone can find at least one thing they can stomach. For me it was applesauce--I was able to keep that in. Ginger supplements helped me also. Typically the vagina will shrink from these treatments, your oncologist will likely encourage the use of a medical dilator to combat this, otherwise even paps may become difficult and painful. The brachytherapy was a two day stay in the hospital, you will have to remain very still with the implant in you as movement can be painful--also there was a limitation placed on visitors because of the radiation from the implant. I experienced no nausea from it, other than discomfort from the device--but not much pain for I kept very still.

    I hope this helps, and you will be in my prayers. I understand too well what you are going through. I have to go into the hospital for a while for other issues soon, and it might be some weeks before I can check back here, but please post on how you are doing! Chin up and be encouraged! You will get through this fine! I know of (but not personally) of a woman who has lived nearly three DECADES after her diagnosis of Uterine Cancer, totally cured!!

    Take care,
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