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Thread: Tension headaches or brain tumor

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    Tension headaches or brain tumor

    for over a week now i have been having pressure tyoe headaches. Fronthe temples to the top and back of head and neck. Dr thinks may be sinus infection, has me on Prendsone and antibiotic. Ia m worried it may be a tumor.

    I sleep fine and its only after ive been up a few hours it comes on. Sometimes it doesn't hurt at all. Everything else is fne no vision problems or anything. am 49 yrs old in fairly good health.

    When is it time to demand an MRI and if it is a tumor is that the end ?

    The pain is not intense just nagging pressure. I am glad it doesnt bother to sleep or lay down

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    I'd ask for an MRI. Better safe than sorry.

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    My Dr said "headaches are not a sign of brain tumors" Is that even make sense ???

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    chazman, I replied to this question on your other topic so I will not repeat all that I said there. Just wanted to say that I agree with your doctor.

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