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Thread: Non-HPV Cervical Cancer

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    I think I'm looking for a reason why since my GYN is saying that my biopsy is not showing HPV. Everything I'm reading on-line states Cervical Cancer is caused by HPV.

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    We have started our organisation in Australia for-
    The Teal Sisters to raise awareness for Neuroendocrine Carcinoma of the Cervix and non HPV Related Cervical Cancer Organisation.
    There defiantly is Non Hpv related cervical cancer out there! Neuroendocrine Carcinoma makes up 2% of cervical cancers in Australia and it is not HPV driven. This type is rare and very aggressive. there are women around the world battling and there are no stats or will they have peace of mind they are in remission. I keep hearing about these genetic tumors? but has anyone along your blood line had this cancer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by venusv View Post
    I think I'm looking for a reason why since my GYN is saying that my biopsy is not showing HPV. Everything I'm reading on-line states Cervical Cancer is caused by HPV.
    No not everything is caused by hpv there are different types we are finding out about.

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    <link deleted as per policy>
    There is your proof that this cervical cancer is not even close to being proven for HPV!
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    My apologies.

    Sorry if I'm "hijacking" this thread. I dont look at or post in forums very often and am not totally aware of the rules. But I wanted to say thank you for sharing your experiences. I'm sorry if this comes across as selfish, but I feel like I'm going into this a little bit more educated and at the very least kind of knowing what to expect. Thank you again.
    Last edited by lililili; 09-04-2015 at 08:00 PM. Reason: After reading through some of these posts I feel very silly for posting a rant...when in reality I have no right to complain. Thank you for opening these forums.

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    Hi I've had cervical cancer too no one ever mentioned to me on any of my paps that I was hpv pos before I just went for my yearly one day and was dx with stage 5 cancer they referred me to another Dr he said my paper looked pretty bad said I should have a tumor hanging out of my cervix and bleed when touch with instruments but I didn't and he was puzzled my co worker came up to me one day and said so you have hpv what did you start having sex when you were 10 or something I didn't know what she meant she proceeded to say that is why you have cancer when I went back to the Dr I asked him have I had or do I have hpv and why did no body mention this to me he said I didn't have hpv nor did my other paps in the past show hpv either I had some state to me he probably just wanted to mess around with me people are so mean I'm fixing to get a hysterectomy in two weeks my uterus is full of fibroids and they started growing I hate the news I think they just push hpv to sell the vaccine this is the first I have spoke of it I watch people talk about their 10 year anniversary and how they beat it how strong they are and I have to keep silent I believe you

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    Yes there are types of cervical cancer not related to hpv, such as adenocarcinoma. However, shaming anyone for having hpv is not right (not saying you're doing this but your coworker). Cdc says 79 million americans are infected. In most people, it clears on its own.


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