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Thread: Are brain tumors hereditary?

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    Are brain tumors hereditary?

    Hi, I've been reading many stories wherein GBM and other forms of brain tumors appear to have been present in one's family / grandparents / parents... is there any evidence that brain tumors are hereditary? My mom's been recently diagnosed with GBM, and there has been no prior history of tumors in her family.. I was just wondering whether this is something that every family member should be aware of as a possibility?


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    So sorry to hear about your mom's diagnosis...this is a nasty disease for sure! Our docs have said there is no genetic factor to primary brain tumors and our 23 year old daughter is the first in many generations. It's basically cells that have malfunctioned so don't have fear that you or one of your loved ones will be next.

    Take care!

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    sonia, so far there has not been any scientific proof of a genetic link with primary brain cancers. The confusion is that there are some genetic mutations that doctors use to estimate how well a person will respond to chemo but those mutations do not cause the cancer.

    So far, only two types of cancers have been show to have a generational tendency: Breast Cancers and Colon Cancers. Unfortunately, both of them can metastasize to the brain... but that is a totally different animal.
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