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Thread: Chest pain in the morning

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    Chest pain in the morning

    For 2-3 weeks now I have had chest pain that wakes me up in the morning. I have had GERD for 5 years on and off taking protonix and for about a year until recently it has been gone. This pain isn't like I ever felt before from reflux. Its a pressure pain like I bruised my sternum. It goes away as soon as I get up. I had a EGD done in 2006 and they found 2-3 spots he took biopsy's and all turned out good. This new pain started out after having a bad chest cold. It may be nothing or could be something I had a blood work, chest xray, and stress test. First results come back tomorrow I called GI doc and he is seeing me on the 14th. My question is has anyone here ever heard of Esophageal cancer where you have pain just when you wake up in the morning? I also have been having some strange weak bouts. I didn't think about it much, but wonder now if it is anemia. I have no problem eating or swallowing.

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    possable EC

    Well haven't had a reply so maybe know one here has had this symptom for EC. My blood work came back no problems except colestoral which I'm starting some drugs to reduce it. Chest xray looked normal but still nothing for the pain. Today It seems to be worse and I feel it is related to my esophagas because I was eating a sandwich and it seemd to hurt when it passed that spot. I'm going to see my GI doc to setup a EGD on the 14th but i'm getting really scared now they are going to find a tumor. I just don't understand why this would happen because I haven't had reflux for over almost 2 years and even was able to get off protonix. I would have it once in a awhile when I didn't get enough sleep but tums would work. This pain wakes me up during the night and I have to get up to stop it. It doesn't happen when I first go to bed. I used to have reflux int he night once in awhile before my first EGD but that felt ver differnt I would be able to taste it in the back of my throat, and sometimes wake up choaking which is the reason I went to the GI doc first learned about EC related to GERD. It usually would go all the way up into my middle ear. This isn't anything like that its a pressure pain behind my sternum. When I roll to one side or the other the pain increases.

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    Turned out to be nothing but stress. EGD and Colonoscopy came back normal.


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