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Thread: new here, husband on Xeloda, stage 4 colon cancer to liver

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    new here, husband on Xeloda, stage 4 colon cancer to liver

    First, I am glad I found this forum, it has been very helpful. My husband diagnosed 4 weeks ago with Stage 4 recurrent colon cancer metastised to liver, inoperable, given 9 to 12 month prognosis without treatment, 12 to 14 with. A month has passed now. He is on Xeloda, 1000mg twice daily for 14 days on and 7 days off. I have read some of the threads with comments about Xeloda, but wondered if anyone else could elaborate further. He is in his first round of treatment. He will be 75 in april, and diabetic as well. Thank you.

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    I meant to say, he is on 2000 mg twice daily of Xeloda.

    He is very very tired, has metal taste in mouth, and now leg muscle pain from the meds.

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    Sorry to hear what your husband is going through, have you tried looking on the internet about Xeloda, just go to google and type in side effects of Xeloda and you will find many sites. If you are not to sure what to do let us know and we could do it for you. Just let us know. God bless you and husband and stay positive and keep going, you are not alone.


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    Yep, I have been on the internet daily, and have researched Xeloda, and he continues to experience more side effects daily, he is on day 11 of the first round of treatment, he slept most of today, with his age, and other medical conditions, I highly doubt that he will be able to withstand another 4 rounds of treatment. He will be 75 on april 20th, has has multiple epidural pain management shots with regard to pinched nerve in his lower back, had horrible foot pain in his right foot, we are awaiting special ortho shoes for that condition, he has type 2 diabetes, which his blood sugar has been very high since starting the chemo. He has lost yet another 2 pounds the past few days, I suspect the cancer is spreading beyond the liver, he has a Dr. appt. next week, another CEA blook test too. Our boys are young, ages 16, 20 and 22, I am very much younger than him, and hate that my boys will see him die of such an agonizing death. They saw my very best and dear friend die of pancreatic cancer 2 years ago, she died within a month of diagnosis.

    Does anyone else have any other comments about Xeloda? He has become weaker and weaker with this treatment. Muscle pain, metal taste, drooling, eyes watering,

    Thank you for any comments you can give that have endured this, and any experience with Xeloda.

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    Hello Zapora,

    I'm sorry to hear about your husbands situation -- words really cannot say enough.

    I get and IV dose of Oxiliplatin every 3 weeks and take 2000mg of Xeloda twice a day for the first two weeks of three weeks. The side effects I have seem to be almost totally from the oxiliplatin. After a week and a half I feel pretty OK except for some neuropathy from the oxiliplatin. My experience has lead me to believe that I am really not having side effects from the Xeloda -- however everybody is different. I don't believe you mentioned whether they were giving him any other chemo drugs. If he is just on the Xeloda it goes to show that these drugs effect EVERYBODY differently.

    Take care and best wishes,

    Diagnosed with stage 3C colon cancer in the sigmoid colon 2/6/09 at age 35/36. Colon was resected and found 12 of 22 nodes were affected. The last CT scan found a 2mm node of "unknown significance" in my lung (possible stage IV?). Chemo regimen is Oxaliplatin once every three weeks and Xeloda twice a day for the first two weeks. Third week is rest period. Hoping for the best and actually staying quite positive.

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    Thank you for all of your comments, and encouragement, he is only taking the Xeloda, we have limited income, and he has medicare, no supplemental insurance. He has severe neuropathy from the diabetes. Mostly in legs and feet.

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    the Chemo seems to effect everyone differently. My husband was on Xelda but due to diarrhea problems with being in Hosp for 2 weeks we had to stop the Xelda. He also has a hard time taking Erubtex due to reaction with b/p and hives. He has managed to controll this with pre meds and is taking Erubtex every week. But again each person is different. You need to let the Dr.s know each little side effect so they can change or give you something to help control the side effects. (Had treatment yesterday with Erbutex, Oxi, Lev 5Fu and now we have the hiccups) Just the course it goes through. Good Luck and keep the Drs. posted

    Husband is 55 years old, has metastic colon cancer, with Lung, Liver, kidney currently Colon surgery 5/07 with chemo, 9/08 Chemo started
    10/08 Scan in Dec 08 (Grown) Scan Feb 09 (Grown with liver, both lungs , Kidney)
    3.5 cm lung, 5 cm kidney, 4.5 renal, 2.6 iliac lymph etc. CEA 166 8/25/09 Nothing has slowed it down, we have stopped chemo, due to side effects and lack of any results, he is admitted to Hospice on 12/30/09. We will enjoy what we have Husband passed away 2/14/2010

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    I am so sorry your husband is having all these side effects from Xeloda, if indeed it is the drug that is causing all these symtoms.

    I completed 5 months of Xeloda last December.
    My side effects were rashes on the hands, arms and chest, and worse - the numbness in my feet (neuropathy) I took 1500 mgs daily for 14 days and 7 off like your husband. I also had a lot of diarrhea.
    My Doc tried reducing my dosage, and sometimes made me go 2 weeks between doses to relieve the symtoms, but as I got near the end - I just sucked it up and forced myself through it to make sure I gave myself the best shot at keeping the cancer at bay.

    I was not stage 4 though.....some of these effects as you say - may be the spreading cancer rather than the meds. though everyone is different.
    I did not get the metal taste, or the leg cramps...

    Hope this helps - we all feel really bad reading your husbands struggles, please hang in there

    Rectal Cancer diagnosed Valentines Day 2008 - stage 3
    Finished 6 weeks of radiation and chemo 4/23/08
    Surgery to remove tumor - June 18th 2008
    Colostomy Reversal August 20th 2008
    Chemotherapy 5 months (Xeloda) finished Christmas 2008
    Local recurrence found May 2011
    Permanent colostomy and salvage APR surgery June 3rd 2011
    Stage 3C - 4 of 12 lymph nodes involved
    Finished 12 treatments of FOLFOX 6 - January 17th 2012 - Happy Dance!
    March 2012 - clean CAT Scan
    August 2012 - Cancer moves to stage 4
    CAT shows cancer cells implanted in pelvis/abdomen
    September - PET shows lung lesion 1.4 x 1 cm
    October - begin sessions of Folfiri.3 - Avastin, Irotecan, 5fu
    February 2013 - tumors shrinking, continuing biweekly chemo
    April 2013 finished all 12 Folfiri treatments, scan shows only lung lesions
    May - October Blessed chemo break!
    October 2013, scan shows more growth in pelvis and lungs
    Continue with biweekly Folfiri.3 - Avastin, Irotecan, leucovorin, 5fu
    April 2014 CAT scan shows tumors in liver
    June 2014 More tumor growth, stop Irinotecan cocktail after two years
    June 2014 Begin Regorafenib (Stivarga)

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    after his 7 day break, started up 2nd round of Xeloda last friday, had to stop taking it yesterday, due to hand/foot syndrome, and rash on feet. Dr. gave him prescription for that to apply to hands and feet, has to clear up completely before starting up again on treatment, Dr. said they will decrease the dose to half of what he was taking. He was sleeping much of the day, and so extremely tired. His cea was up last week, but Dr. said it would take 2 to 3 rounds of treatment to show if the chemo was doing it's job to keep cancer at bay.

    I am discouraged, as I feel that with reducing the dose, by half, I wonder how much more time it will give him.

    Thanks again for everyone's comments and encouragement.

    Really hard right now, my dad, also dying, in maybe days, end stages of Parkingson's and Alhzeimers. Hospice came into the Nursing home to help with that.

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    So, he started back on the Xeloda on May 6th, only to get the same symptoms back, hand/foot syndrome, Dr. said he can restart this sunday, only 1500 mg twice a day.

    Hopefully with a lower dose he won't get the side effect back again.

    Chemo by iv was mentioned, with 5fu, leucovorin, avastin, and oxipalitan, but to the cost of $10,000.00 per treatment, with only medicare and no supplemental, we can't afford to pay the co pay.

    So, for now hoping the lower dose of xeloda will work.


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