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Thread: post-surgery pain - when will it stop?

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    post-surgery pain - when will it stop?

    My husband had partial colon removal with temp ileostomy and liver resection on March 16th 2009, exactly 4 weeks ago. His scars almost healed by now, but he complains of constant abdominal pain that would not go away. He has no fever, and his bowels function ok. We went to see our primary surgeon a week ago and the surgeon was not concerned, and told that it was normal. My husband was on vicadin that helped some, but now he switched to Tylanol (as advised by our local family doctor) which does not help at all. My impression was that it is supposed to become better with time, but it seems to be the same.

    Is it normal to experience pain after 4 weeks? when will it stop?
    He has stage III rectal adenocarcinoma.

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    Reading your post, I know after my surgeries I was in pain, because the inside is being healed and it does take time to heal.

    What I can suggest is to see PAIN MANAGEMENT... at the hospital and they can recommend the proper medication for your husbands needs, speak to your Oncologist and explain situation and they can refer your husband to the Pain and Management dpt. Do this as soon as possible. I did and it helped me a lot.
    Keep going and we pray that your husband heals quickly.


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    I had surgery in mid February and have just finally healed enough so that it typically doesnt hurt when I cough -- roughly 2 months for most of my pain to go away after my surgery.
    Diagnosed with stage 3C colon cancer in the sigmoid colon 2/6/09 at age 35/36. Colon was resected and found 12 of 22 nodes were affected. The last CT scan found a 2mm node of "unknown significance" in my lung (possible stage IV?). Chemo regimen is Oxaliplatin once every three weeks and Xeloda twice a day for the first two weeks. Third week is rest period. Hoping for the best and actually staying quite positive.


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