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Thread: can hives be a symptoms of lymphoma? should i follow this up

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    can hives be a symptoms of lymphoma? should i follow this up


    I have been worried about the possibility of lymphoma for a few months now, but everyone seems to thinks im making a mountain out of a mole hill

    I have a lymph nodes 1cm or less either side of my neck about 1inch above the bottom of my neck around the same place on each side, they are quite firm but I wouldn't say they are stony hard they both move up and down however one more than the other but I think that's due to were one is placed within the muscle of my neck. They seem to decrease in size and get bigger throughout the day bigger at night but never bigger than 1cm. I first noticed the left one June 2008, and the left one before Christmas 2008 .

    I have been getting chronic hives since November 2008 I had never had them before then, when I say chronic however I might only get them on my hands and if I leave them alone they go away , there is the odd time were I get them on my stomach fairly big maybe 10cms they are quite itchybut they go away quickly with anti-histamines.

    I have been to the doctors, march 09, regarding this they checked my glands and said they feel fine not alarming at all one doctor couldn't even feel them till I showed him, I have had blood tests one showed slightly elevated white blood cells 11000 (abnormal neutrophils) , one month later I had a retest after antibiotics overall white blood cells were around 7500 the only one abnormal was eosinophils but they were only out by 0.04 the doctor felt this is due to an allergies or asthma which I had as a child. Apart from the hives I feel fine go to the gym 3 times a week and often go cycling

    What I would like to know is, should I follow this up further and is hives a symptom of lymphoma I know itching is but is this normally severe and without rash?

    Any advice would be appreciated

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    sorry to reply to my own post,

    could anyone shed some light on this and give an opinion it would be most appreciated

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    I'm kind of new to these forums so I am not sure why nobody has responded, but I think I may know why. None of us are Doctors, so we can only relate our own experiences; and probably no one on this forum has had hives as a symptom. To tell you the truth, I have never heard of it, but that is not to say it isn't possible. My advice is to see a physician and try not to diagnose yourself.

    Good luck.
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    Hi mac11

    Sorry to hear about the hives, they can be distressing. Please follow the lead of your doctors and stop worrying about cancer. Try and relax and stay away from internet medical sites until you calm down. You have done the right thing by persuing this and advocating for your health but now you need to listen to the doctors and relax a bit. Nodes of 1 cm or less are not considered abnormal. Keep an eye on them if you feel it necessary and if they get much bigger then go back. Don't panic as there is never any need for panic, the majority of lymphoma's are successfully treated these days.

    Good luck
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    Robyn, I don't know a lot about lymphoma but I have a healthy relationship with hives over the years. ANYTHING can cause them. I would look more toward autoimmune disease if I were looking for a culprit. Of course follow your drs at eliminating cancer. Jody
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    I've taken a couple of nasty falls this last week. (first of & mid-May) Right on the cancer shoulder. So I have a life alert necklace on me now. I wish I could get my hands on a small scooter!

    There is another node swelling on the other side of my neck. Still small.

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