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Thread: Black mole on bottom of foot question

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    Black mole on bottom of foot question

    Hello...I'm a 32 year old female...I have a small black mole on the bottom of my right foot.. it is flat and not painful...it is mostly black and brown in color and is oval shape..It has been there for a number of years..I don't think there has been any changes..but I had a friend that noticed it recently and has really got me worried...My question is do moles on the feet even though they have been there for years need to be checked out by a dermatologists..I mean could this really be melanoma..or is it possible to have a benign mole on sole of foot?..Please would love some input..I'm really worried. Thanks

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    EzsMom, I would definitely get it checked out by a derm ....and in fact, knowing what I know now -- my melanoma was on the bottom of a toe -- I would insist on a punch biopsy.... They're not painful, they numb the site and you don't feel a thing... I've had two of them and you can out normal... nothing at all....

    This is probably nothing but do you want to bet your one and only life on it ? The fact that you said it is black and brown meets one of the ABCD criteria (color ... i.e., shades of two or more colors, or pink, blue, white, brown/tan, etc..)..... I recently had a colleague who had a mole on the top of his head (he is somewhat bald) which met ALL of the ABCD criteria ...I told him to run, not walk to his doc.... His doc took one look at it and ordered a punch biopsy which came out negative....A tissue sample is the only sure way to determine if a mole or any lesion is malignant melanoma or not......

    And BTW, if you DO have a biopsy, for God's sake, don't let the derm do a shave biopsy -- they can compromise determining the depth of the lesion.... so make sure he is doing a punch or an excisional biopsy....

    To answer your question, yes people can have moles on the bottom of one's foot/feet.... My younger sister has one.... My melanoma came "de nova" or out of clear skin; not from a mole.....

    Like I said, this is probably nothing, but why worry yourself sick over it... AND IF IT IS MELANOMA, then catching it early while it is still "in situ" or under 1mm thick is crucial .... and quite curable.....So please get it checked out; the possible alternative, while improbable, is not something you want to experience.....

    Best Wishes, Haole Boy (Bob)


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