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Thread: An Oasis of Healing - Mesa, AZ

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    An Oasis of Healing - Mesa, AZ

    Has anybody in this forum utilized this alternative treatment cancer clinic called "An Oasis of Healing" in Mesa, AZ. Their therapies seem well-rounded, but this is a large out-of-pocket expense not knowing anybody who can give a testimonial. We have researched the testimonials on their website, but I would like an outside source of information.

    If anyone has any experience with this facility or if you have comments because you were considering it, your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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    Oasis Healing in Mesa

    I don't have direct experience with Oasis but did considerable research on this company for a loved one who has cancer and was considering this as an option since traditional medicine isn't working.

    A couple of concerns ... the primary caregiver is a practicing homeopath in AZ but if you carefully review the website, along with the State of Arizona Medical Board, he's not licensed in AZ as an MD. One other important fact: according to public records, he admitted to the board that he had surrendered his license in Nevada in 1996. Nevada records show that he gave up his license while under investigation by a state program set up to deal with doctors with substance-abuse problems. Additionally, he is cited in the minutes of two recent meetings of the Arizona Board of Homeopathy (Nov 2008 and March 2009) as having pending complaints. Since the minutes contained only five complaints in total, two seems significant to me. Further, another complaint was filed in 2006. He does have an MD in New York but that doesn't allow him to practice medicine in Arizona. I also obtained other information about his other business involvements besides Oasis and was concerned about those also. Everything noted above is public information available on the Internet. Hopefully you have good searching skills.

    I have some really good friends who consistently go to homeopaths but they know when they need to involve a medical doctor. If traditional treatment isn't working, have you considered some of the current or previous officers of the Arizona Board of Homeopathy? Do you know anyone who goes to a homeopath or naturopath? Have you gotten any stats on the cure rate? Long story short, if it were me, I'd be looking elsewhere.


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