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Thread: alcohol induced pain

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    alcohol induced pain

    This is probably me just worrying unnecessarily but Im looking for some opinions anyway. Im 25 years old and I recently had some drenching night sweats, only about 5 in total. This was about 3 weeks ago and have had none since. At the time I looked up causes of night sweats online (big mistake!) and came across lymphoma. After reading the symptoms something stood out to me - pain in lymph nodes after consuming alcohol.

    When I was about 18 I used to get really bad pains in my armpits about 5 minutes after my first drink. It was so bad it took my breath away and lasted at least 10 minutes then faded away. This happened every time I drank at first, then became less often and I don't think it has happened for over 2 years now. Now when I drink I get more of a vague aching feeling around my neck, shoulders and collar bones as if I am feeling unwell. Nothing like the sharp pain I used to experience.

    My doctor called my a hypochondriac (maybe he's right lol) but did a chest x-ray (clear) and some blood tests (fine apart from folic acid deficiency). I have no obvious swellings anywhere. I have a pain in my back which feels muscular and the skin in this area of my back is a little sore and tingles - there is a small healthy looking freckle which is maybe irritated by my bra. I bruise very easily and have very heavy periods but apart from that Im fine and have no other symptoms.

    I think that it can't be lymphoma as the alcohol induced pain in my armpits would not just go away by itself if it was Hodgkin's, would it? Sorry for the long essay, thanks for reading.

    Ps. forgot to add, I also think that it is unlikely to be hodgkin's as it has been 7 years since the pain began and I would be seriously ill by now if it was. What do you think?

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    Please dont't get freaked out on this story. Lymphoma, especially Hodgkins is very rare.
    I was diagnosed with stage IVb Hodgkins last February and had the same symptoms you described. Alcohol pain about 5 minutes after my first sip and last for about 20 minutes (very intense aching pain from my armpit doen to my wrist) then disapeared. This went on for about 2 years. After time I also developed night sweats and strage rashes leading to terrible itchyness all over my body and eventually breathing problems and pnemonia. Finally, after many months of the breathing problems, my doctor's (that is plural because I went ot about 15 of them) sent me in for a ct scan and discovered the enlarged lymphnodes all over my chest. After diagnosis I started 6 months of ABVD chemo and I am clean as a whistle and have never felt better.
    My point to this story above is NEVER, NEVER let doctors tell YOU how you are feeling. Only you know how you feel. Push the point across (even if you have to get rude about it). Make them do their job instead of taking the easy/lazy way out of a symptom they can not explain.

    Keep positive. Trust me, it helps!
    I hope everything turns out ok for you.


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    thankyou for taking the time to reply and thankyou for being honest. I went to my lovely GP this morning (lol) and told him I am still feeling unwell. I get sharp pain in the top of my abdomen and have suddenly developed constant heartburn day and night - this is making eating difficult and I am already underweight. He gave me a tablet for acid and said come back in 2 weeks. As I left he said 'you MUST come back in 2 weeks, ok?'.

    I keep telling myself that since my alcohol induced pain started 7years ago it cant be HD as I'd very ill by now. Plus the fact that I don't even get that pain anymore and nothing has grown in my armpits in all this time. I still havent had any more night sweats since that episode of 5 or less. I did have a poke around my neck and found a hard non-mobile node behind my jaw. But I only found because I was actively looking - it doesn't stick out so it obviously hasn't increased in size in all this time. But it is hard. What do you guys think?

    Sorry again for long post and excessive worrying, I really need to stop this. It is driving my husband mad!

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    stop the worring girl

    get a new doctor and demand every test under the sun, dont let them take chances with your life! bad experience here. you must be too soft, toughen up for your own sake.

    dont want to seems too agressive,but you need to take control of the situation.


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    Hi mumof2boys

    Sorry to hear that this is still distressing you. You have another appointment in 2 weeks so you can take your concerns back to the doctor then. keep at your doctor until you are satisfied there is no issue and as mentioned before you can always see another doctor if you are not happy. Try not to panic as your symptoms are very vague and could very weel be due to something other than cancer, but the only one who can really help you is a doctor.

    Good luck
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