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    Too funny, and how wonderful is that? Partciples and gerunds are open season. I'll just run in the background and watch lol
    Adversity builds character; we'll just have more character

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    well true, neuroticness is not technically a word accepted by websters, but one day it might be! lol
    Stage 1B1 Adenosquamous Carcinoma of the Cervix.
    Diagnosed 5.7.09 @ age 20
    Radical hysterectomy on 5.15.09

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    need a peach color one for uterine

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    I have submitted the peach ribbon, so it should be available soon. Thanks!

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    Why do brain tumors get such a lifeless color? Is it because the brain is called gray matter? 5 years and I'm just finding out. Better late than too late. Now the next question, is do I want to give up my Elbonian for a gray ribbon avatar? I guess it couldn't hurt.


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