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Thread: bleeding after robotic prostate removal

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    bleeding after robotic prostate removal

    My husband had the da Vinci prostate removal on Monday. His doctor told him he would have some blood in his urine for several weeks. His urine was fairly clear (pinkish) until today. Now it is very red. He still has a catheter. Can anyone let me know if this is normal?

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    I had bleeding in my urine until after the catheter was removed. I would suspect your husband's condition is not unusual.

    PSA 6.48, biopsy Gleason 3+4, robotic prostatectomy 9/17/08, pathology Gleason 4+5, pathologic stage T2c, positive margins, SRT completed May 22, 2009. 1st post-radiation PSA, 8-4-09, <0.06. 2nd post-radiation PSA 12-22-09 <0.06. PSA, July 23, 2010: <0.06. PSA, January 10, 2012: 13.90. Re-test, February 6, 2012: 16.47. April 6, 2012: 25.6. PSA, May 2, 2012: 37.74. PSA, May 27, 2012: 37.4. PSA, June 17, 2012: 51. PSA, Sept 27, 2012: 110.24. PSA, January 28, 155. May, 2013, Well, you get the idea...

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    My Hubby bled for a few weeks, alternated between pinkish and bright red, somdays even had a bit of clotting. Any large clots should be reported to the doc though.

    If you increase his fluids, it'll help but as mkane09 states, it's not unusual.


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    I also had the robotic surgery on Monday in Houston. am progressing well except the catheter. it is a real pain, but i am up and walking around the house nicely.

    call your dr., but blood in urine probably not a problem. make sure your husband drinks 64 oz of water per day.


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