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Thread: my daddy's dying.

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    my daddy's dying.

    my friends dont realize how much i am dealing with and why i can never hang out with them anymore. they dont have any clue what taking care of my dad means and i havnt even told most of them, this is only my super good friends. they just know the he is sick. none of them have ever had this personal an experience with cancer. they cannot understand and i feel so loney and sad around them. my dad is dying, i know it will be soon and i am so scared but i have no one to share these fears with. if i talk to my mum i set her off totally and she starts to cry and cry. i always have to be strong for her and break down where no one can see. i love my dad but he is not himself anymore. i dont even think he realizes that i am around anymore. i cant talk to him anymore. i am so heartbroken.

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    Hi Marsha,

    Your story touches me deeply. I'm so sorry you are having to go through something this big at such a young age. All of what you are feeling is completely natural. You have a lot of things you are dealing with and facing, all at one time. You sound like a very brave person. You are aware of your feelings and that's a good place for you mentally.

    I've tried to find some forums that specifically address teens that have a parent with cancer and the only one I've come up with is http://www.kidskonnected.org/. Maybe a note or phone call to them would help you find other's your age in the same position that you can share your feelings with.

    Are you afraid to share this with your friends? I hope you have a few close friends to talk to. If not, please call your Priest/Pastor or a counselor from school -- they might be back in the office soon.

    We are here to help you in any way that we can. As adults, we may not always understand, but we will give you hugs and comfort as best as we can. Life can be brutally unfair at times and THIS is one of those times. I hope you have the opportunity to just sit in the room with your Dad and maybe hold his hand for some periods of time. Our kids and my husband's grandkids did that while he was unconscious and he KNEW we were there, even when it didn't seem like he knew.

    I know how your Mom is feeling -- and it's bad, but you also need support. It's hard for her right now and I'll bet she's doing the best she can. Do the best you can too -- it is all we can do when someone we love so much is going downhill. It's hard to feel helpless and that feeling is the same for all ages.

    Please keep in touch with us, if only to express your feelings.

    Many hugs and God bless you,
    Husband diagnosed with NSCLC Stage IV in 3/2005. Fought & lived over 2 1/2 years with multiple lines of treatment.

    Post describing our journey: http://cancerforums.net/viewtopic.ph...er=asc&start=0

    Left my embrace to live with our Heavenly Father in October of 2007 and now breathes with ease forever. I will miss this gentle, giving soul with the easy smile for the rest of my days, but have faith we will be together again. He's just getting a little break from me!

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    Re: my daddy's dying.

    I am so sorry about your dad. my father is also dying but i am 36. i can relate to not wanting to talk to people about it who can not understand what you are going through. i also feel as if i would be violating my dads privacy(i know that is not rational)i do not talk to my mother alot about my dad dying. i worry that i will stress her out and she is stressed out already from taking care of my dad. i usually cry by myself and get angry by myself. i alternate between the two emotions. my dads dying is always on my mind (it has consumed me). i agree with the previous poster about trying to find a website that has post from people more of your age. i am an adult and it has really devastated me and i can not imagine being younger and going through it.you can try to do an internet search for children with a dying parent. some nights when i cant sleep i go on different websites and read post and it does make me feel better. some people share their experiences and you dont feel so alone anymore. you just need to remember whatever you are feeling it is ok to feel it. you will be sad,angry or numb. try to allow yourself some moments of happiness even if they are fleeting .your dad wants you to be happy.

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    I too am very sorry for your situation. No one does know what you are going through unless they have gone through it themselves, and even still every situation is different, and incredibly difficult.

    One thing I would like to offer is that your Dad's spirit is still in him...he's still there, even if he is not able to physically manifest it in the way you are used to. Try to be with him. You don't have to talk or be entertaining, or even be happy...just be with him. The same Dad that you've known all these years is still in there somewhere.

    Someone I found to be an incredible resource was my Dad's surgeon. She knew of several different places to search for support.

    I'll be praying for you, and if I come across anything specific I will forward it on to you.

    Take care,

    Daddy's story:
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    10/4/09 - arthritis in spine
    10/23/09 - mets to bladder, worsening in liver and pelvis.
    11/24/2009 lost his battle.

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    I know how you feel...

    Like you I'm also a teenager, but I have told most of my friends that my Dad has cancer. I know it's hard, but you have to tell them so they can at least try to understand what you're going through. So far they have been a great support and it's awesome to have your friends back you up no matter what. My social life outside of school has also dropped since my Dad was diagnosed with Stage 3 Mesothelioma last July. It sucks, but it's my Dad and taking care of him is the most important thing right now.

    I know what you're going through and how lonely it can feel. The best thing you can do is get your friends and families support, because they will be there for you (trust me). I'm here to let you know you ARE not alone and there are a lot of kids (including me) going through the same thing you are. Hope this helps you. =]
    I won't worry my life away...

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    Mine is too. I'm 31. It's the hardest thing I've had to deal with. I'm not sad for me....but sad for him. I wonder what goes through his mind at a time like this.

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    I think that goes for all family and friends of cancer patients Lori.

    I feel so bad for you "kids" as I've been there and so have my own children.

    Love them and create as many memories as you can with them. Life is full of very harsh events, but we gain strength and insight by going through them.

    God bless all of you and please keep communicating.

    Husband diagnosed with NSCLC Stage IV in 3/2005. Fought & lived over 2 1/2 years with multiple lines of treatment.

    Post describing our journey: http://cancerforums.net/viewtopic.ph...er=asc&start=0

    Left my embrace to live with our Heavenly Father in October of 2007 and now breathes with ease forever. I will miss this gentle, giving soul with the easy smile for the rest of my days, but have faith we will be together again. He's just getting a little break from me!

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    My father is also very very sick and my mother, very very scared. I'm 29. I'm trying not to drop my social life completly, but sometimes when I'm out with my friends I freak out and have to go home or drink to much and get crazy... My fiancee is helping me A LOT, he's the only one I share my emotions with, my fears, my anger. We were getting married next month but had to change the date due to the situation.
    I think you should have one friend to confide, you will need someone to talk to, to express everything you are going through... and it's a lot, I know...
    You can count of us in the forum to do so too.
    My best wishes to you and your family.

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    my dear, you're not alone. I'm 20 years old and my mom is fighting end stage colon cancer. She's in so much pain everyday and I hate it. I cry at the thought she wont be there to see me get married, have children, carry her grandchildren and go travel the world with my dad at old age. She slogged all her life, and when she's about to relax, she has to get this disease which will shorten her life.

    Sometimes it's hard to completely break off from your friends, but try to let them know. My boyfriend tries his best to and i appreciate it. If they are your true friends, they will understand you. Your dad's time left with you is more precious than you think it is.

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    I stumbled on this section by accident and began reading the posts. I am in the same situation as most of you, my dad has lung cancer, Stage 4. We found out two weeks ago, he is going through chemo now and will be home in few days. I am 31 years old, married and 6 month old baby. I feel confused, angry, sad and more...
    The first few days we found out were the hardest, its only me and my mom, no other siblings, we have a small family, couple of aunts and uncles who are very helpful. We didn't really tell my dad the whole story that he may die sooner than later, actually the doctors gave him around 1 year to live. He just goes in and gets chemo stays home, takes the dog out and goes on with his live. We are very strong emotionally when visiting him in the hospital, we try not to show weakness or even cry. When i go home its a different story, I feel weak and helpless. I do have a lot of friends, some of them I already lost contact with, only the few close ones know and I with everyday.
    You have to keep your life occupied and distract yourself from thinking about your dads sickness. I work long hours, I try to spent as much time possible with the baby and before i go to sleep i play poker for couple of hours just to get my mind off the whole situation. Sometimes its difficult because I cant concentrate on these things, but you have to realize that its not your fault and you are doing everything you can to help out. My wife has been very supportive. I speak with my Mom everyday and we basically agreed with the fact that this is life and we have to be strong, we cannot change what is happening. I am very scared of the "day" when my dad passes away but its not right to think about it, i just hope when it happens he will be in peace without pain and suffering.

    Looks like I'll be posting more here, it feels good to vent out.
    Good luck to all of you.


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